About me

Heather Heath was raised in the extreme fundamentalist homeschool organization, The  Advanced Training Institute, or ATI. Despite having no accredited transcripts and being told girls didn’t need to go to college, she graduated from Connecticut’s paramedic program and later earned an A.S. while parenting infant identical twins…which led to her tendency of skipping mugs and sticking a straw directly into the coffee pot. Out of pandemic necessity, she has now been on both the student and teacher sides of homeschooling and would not like to relive either experience.  

Heather has been a guest on the podcasts “Leaving The Village” and “Escape: Leaving Hell Behind.” She was interviewed in The New York Post, as well as for the book Dear  Sister by M. Wooding. She has upcoming interviews on the podcast “Leaving Eden”, and The Dr. Oz Show, and has been signed for a documentary film on the hidden world of cults. Heather is a popular blogger and (mostly) enjoys an ever-growing community on social media as @BacksliddenHarlot. Her husband’s career previously brought the family to live in Maine, and currently, they reside in New York. Heather still works as a  paramedic in Connecticut, which inspired the location for the cover photo. This is her first book (and she’s really excited about it).